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Mission Statement of the Department of Evangelism Church of God in Christ


G.E. Patterson


Richard White


A Ministry of Evangelism and Christian Renewal with a commitment to Excellence!

Our endeavor is to promote strong Christian families in order to create an atmosphere that nurtures positive relationships.  In conjunction with our worship of God, we want to serve our communities to foster cultural relevance with scriptural integrity while retaining the traditions of our Pentecostal Heritage.

The department embraces these principles as important to fulfilling our commitment of;

Goals of Evangelist Department

In this new Millennium, the Department of Evangelism is striving to have an impact upon our communities by conducting crusades throughout the country.  These crusades will encourage citywide involvement.  We will check Jurisdictional and National dates before planning each crusade.

It is our goal to have a positive influence in every area of human need by focusing on a “Wholistic” Ministry:  “The Whole Gospel for The Whole Man.”  We want to be involved in offering a system of supports, intergenerational nurturing programs, and referrals to churches and social agencies.

Our assessment is that men and women need Deliverance, Development, and Demonstration. Once a soul has received deliverance through salvation we must offer training to help them develop and become mature believer’s or saints. After this process, they will be able to demonstrate to others this process of being born again. Since we will be concentrating on winning and nurturing new souls into the kingdom, we have adopted the theme; “IT’S ALL ABOUT SOULS”.


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